About me..

My name is Tim Boyd. I live North of Atlanta, have a wife and 3 kids, and a full time job. Here’s the thing…. I like to paint. I also like to draw cartoons including web comics and illustrations. I get to do all of my creative things usually at about 8pm. …unless , of course, there is something important like one of my kids having a tummy ache or something. I usually get to bed  before midnight. Sooo That gives me 3 or 4 hours on a good night.  Oh yeah! Did I mention I have a full time job in the landscaping industry? Yeah.  That can be exhausting work. It is a good job and I get to work with my family so I am not ready to give it up at this time. I love art though. I love the creative process. I love seeing the finished product. I love when people comment on my work. I love interacting with people at art festivals and shows. It is just too much fun! But when push comes to shove and I’m dead tired, I still have to drag myself into my studio and tell myself to Keep On Arting.